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What Is All On X NeoArch Process ?

Are you considering getting All On X NeoArch Implant in NSW? If so, it’s important to know what to expect at each stage of the process. This step-by-step guide is designed to help you understand what happens before, during and after the procedure.

Step 1: Consultation with Dr Andrew Nhan Ly

The All On X NeoArch Implant journey starts with a thorough consultation with Dr Andrew Nhan Ly. You’ll chat about your dental history, current oral health and expectations. This consultation is your chance to ask any questions you might have about the process, so don’t be shy!

Step 2: Case Record and Treatment Plan

Dr Andrew Nhan Ly will perform a complete dental exam, and you’ll likely get a few x-rays to determine the health and condition of your gums and jawbone. Using Cone-beam computed tomography, our team will also take 3D images and digital intraoral (teeth) impressions (no goopy moulds) of your mouth to ensure the precise implant placement.

Step 3: Case Presentation with Virtual Smile Design and Implant Planning

Next, we review your treatment plan in detail, and we use virtual smile design to create and show you a preview of your new smile. With this modern digital tool, we can simulate and visualise proposed treatment outcomes, helping you better understand and envision the results before starting any procedures. Dr Andrew Nhan Ly will also present the complete implant planning to you so that you can see what will be done on the surgery day.

Step 4: Surgery Day

During this stage, Dr Andrew Nhan Ly prepares the mouth and places the implants. Next, we will take a 3D scan for your final prosthetic teeth.

The secret behind the success of All On X NeoArch is how the implants connect with your teeth. Instead of replacing every single tooth, the All On X NeoArch procedure uses four strategically placed implants to anchor an entire arch of teeth.

The implants are like small titanium screws that act like the roots of your teeth. A full set of prosthetic teeth is then securely attached to these implants. As a result, patients can have a stable, durable and natural-looking set of teeth.

Step 5: Teeth ‘Try In’ Day

One day after surgery day is the “try-in” stage to let you see and feel your new permanent teeth. Dr Andrew Nhan Ly will attach your new teeth to the implants for you to try on. This is to ensure they fit well, feel comfortable and look how you want them to. Dr Andrew Nhan Ly will make any necessary adjustments during this stage of the process.

Step 6: Teeth Insertion Day

Two to three days after “Try In” day, we insert your final teeth. After your successful ‘try-in’ and any necessary adjustments, you’ll get your final, customised teeth within 24-48 hours. They look and function just like natural teeth. Once they’re fitted, you can start enjoying your new smile’s benefits!

The All On X NeoArch Implant process is a journey that can transform a person’s overall smile and quality of life. While it involves several steps, each one is vital in ensuring the success of your new teeth.

Step 7: Review

A few weeks after your surgery, you’ll go back to for a check-up and get another set of x-rays to ensure the implants correctly integrate with the jawbone.

Step 8: Continuing Care

Continuing care maintains your good oral health and prevents additional complications. It is crucial to take proper care of the implant and prosthetic teeth to ensure their long-term success.

All On X NeoArch Aftercare

Here are some essential aspects of continuing care for All On X NeoArch Implant

Regular dental check-ups & professional cleaning: You should schedule regular follow-up visits every 6 months with Dr Andrew Nhan Ly. These visits will allow us to examine the implants as well as check-up & clean your teeth.
Digital radiographs 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years following implant placement or as deemed necessary by Dr Andrew Nhan Ly
Oral hygiene: Good oral hygiene is important to maintain the health of implants and surrounding gum tissues.
Brush the prosthetic teeth twice a day with a soft tooth brush and non-abrasive toothpaste.
Floss or use interdental brushes to clean between the teeth and around the implants
Avoid smoking: smoking can negatively impact the healing process and increase the risk of implant failure.

At TCare Dental Centre, we want you to have the best possible experience, which is why we encourage open communication between our team and our patients. The All On X NeoArch process requires teamwork and trust, including communicating with each other throughout the process. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you every step of the way on your journey toward a new smile!