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All On X NeoArch Implants

All On X NeoArch tooth replacement provides the convenience of dental implants and the affordability of dentures for natural-looking results that remain in place while eating, talking, and smiling.

At TCare Dental Centre in Villawood, NSW, we offer this solution that provides more stability than traditional dentures and is suitable for patients with the bone loss associated with tooth loss.

What Is All On X NeoArch?

All On X NeoArch refers to an entire arch of teeth retained in the jaw (upper or lower) with 4-6 dental implants. The number of dental implants required depends on individual biting pressure. Your dentist will discuss appropriate implant placement for the best long-term results. Implants are intentionally tilted to gain more bone support with fewer dental implants.

Often chosen over an implant-retained denture or fixed implant bridge, All On X NeoArch alleviates many chief complaints from patients with ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures. Because the entire arch of teeth is retained with stable dental implants, one’s dietary choices, confidence, and quality of life can improve over traditional dentures.

Instead of replacing teeth with individual dental implants, All On X NeoArch captures the security of dental implants with fewer surgical procedures.

How Is All On X NeoArch Created?

To determine if All On X NeoArch implant-retained dentures are a viable option for you, we invite you to arrange an appointment in our Villawood, NSW dental clinic to speak with one of our dentists. They will present all of your options and help you make a choice that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Once you decide you would like to pursue All On X NeoArch as a treatment option, you can expect the following:

  • $Wax-up and try-in
  • $A full oral evaluuation
  • $Diagnostic x-rays and imaging
  • $Treatment coordination and design
  • $3-D CBCT images of bone and facial structure
  • $Implant surgery (bone grafting or sinus lift, if necessary)
  • $Digital impressions
  • $Final Al On X NeoArch placement
  • $Digital smile design (smile preview)
  • $Immediate All On X denture placement
  • $Surgical guide creation for implant placement
  • $Follow-up appointments, as recommended by your dentist
With All On X NeoArch, in most cases, we provide immediate teeth within a week and permanent teeth per the dentist’s recommendation. Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials, such as titanium, which are readily accepted by the body.

When it comes to the appearance of your new smile, our dentists want you to feel confident in how your teeth look. They will discuss the shade, shape, and colour of your All On X NeoArch teeth before your final prosthetic is created.

What Are the Advantages of All On X NeoArch?

All On X NeoArch is gaining popularity because of its versatility and affordability. In addition to remaining locked in by dental implants, your denture can last for many years with the proper care. Due to strategic dental implant placement and the locking mechanism, you can avoid sticky and cumbersome dental adhesives.

All On X NeoArch can let you taste and enjoy your food thoroughly. Because they are secure, your food choices increase – you can enjoy meats and vegetables previously difficult to masticate with traditional dentures.

When Is All On X NeoArch the Best Option?

Our dentists at TCare Dental Centre will always present your treatment options. They are your resource for questions and guidance. But ultimately, the choice is yours regarding your oral health and smile.

All On X NeoArch works best for patients frustrated with dentures that never seem to fit correctly and move or fall at inopportune times. Denture adhesives are never ideal, and the need for constant reapplication often leads patients to All On X NeoArch as an alternative. Patients who love enjoying good food with family and friends also prefer the improved ability to fully taste their favourite cuisine.

Whom Does All On X NeoArch Benefit?

Patients who want a stable smile and avoid full-mouth single dental implants and the necessary surgeries benefit most from All On X NeoArch. If you want to learn more about full-mouth tooth replacement on your upper arch, lower arch, or both, please get in touch with our experienced team to arrange a booking with one of our All On X NeoArch dentists in Villawood, NSW.

Which is better, Acrylic vs Zirconia For All On X NeoArch?

We strive to design natural-looking dentistry at TCare Dental Centre, and both acrylic and Zirconia provide stunning aesthetics. Acrylic materials are more forgiving when chewing but are also subject to greater wear over time.

Zirconia is a more rigid and durable material, but it places more pressure on the implants and, therefore, the bone, so it is typically not recommended for primary All On X NeoArch. Zirconia may be a superior option for permanent All On X NeoArch teeth for those with a firm bite or bruxing (teeth grinding) habit.

Most All On X NeoArch prosthetics last between 15-18 years. However, it is not uncommon for some patients to need replacement within five years, depending on their unique needs.

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Why Should You Get All On X NeoArch at TCare Dental Centre?

At TCare Dental Centre in Villawood, our dentists combine their years of experience with the latest dental technology for precise and accurate surgical procedures. With CBCT 3-D imaging, your implant dentist can locate the ideal place within the bone for implant placement and long-lasting results.

Because dental implants are permanent and poorly placed, All On X NeoArch implants are challenging to fix, and choosing a dental clinic with experience in All On X NeoArch placement is essential. Our dentists are committed to precise surgical treatment and ideal results. Their eye for detail and artistry ensures that restorations and prosthetics, like dentures, match your appearance for a seamless smile.

Our dentists are aware that going to the dentist can make some people feel anxious. Our compassionate and gentle dentists aim for you to feel completely confident and comfortable while in our care. If you need some additional help relaxing, we offer sedation dentistry options for a stress-free experience.

To get in touch, call us at (02) 8766 6698 or book an appointment today!